A crate

Yes, yes I did.
I made a crate.
A crate I made.

Like the rest, textures are still to be made


Made Most of the main assets for the scenes, next up will be the seats and the crates in the back..

And a picture of the scene as it is now, still no textures. This will be the next thing to do.

Little update

Got some of the smaller assets done, power boxes, Security lock panel thing and the light that should go above the door. Not too sure about the paneling on the diagonal parts yet.


Dino Crisis Hallway Remake

Ayyyyyy, long time no post!

I recently started doing a little hallway scene based on a game I use to love as a kid, Dino Crisis! Final product will be ‘build’ in the unity engine.

Pic I grabbed from the google

Kinda did a quick color blockout to clear out what has to be made from, walls, ceiling, floor and other misc stuff.roomblockout

And where I’m at as of now, a bit bigger then the original. But I think the developers didn’t really care about modular sections. It all seems to be hacked into each other.. good old psx days. Also added some more stuff to make it less empty

No colors or anything yet, but at least there is a start!

Sure is silent..

Havent really had the time to update this place at all.. neither did I have time to make anything new!

But here’s something I did manage to squeeze out :p


Mac 10 bits

So I’ve finally started to make the lowpoly off the mac 10 I posted a while ago.. 
Still loads to do though!

Update on the office room thingy!

I’ve got some work done on the office room I told about in the last post.. Tried to light it up a bit more, and changed some things in general!


Trying something new!

I always liked the looks of those architectural renderings I see on the internets, so last Friday I decided to try something like that myself!
I’m trying to make an office building, with two separate offices in the back where the boss or the lead of a sector could do their work.

Once again, rendering it in MentalRay, though I’m trying to look into the settings more (gathering more information about setting options) because with the Lego excavator I did somewhat know what I was doing, but I did not know all that much about the options itself. But at some point I just liked the looks, and stopped turning buttons!

Anyways! Enough talking.. here’s the first render! 🙂


Lego Technic 8837 – Pneumatic Excavator

Modeled in 3D studio max 
Rendered in MentalRay





Little something

A little hard surface practice.
Based on a resin Warhammer piece made by Tom McBride