Sort of garage Update #3

Not really garage related, But I thought I’d share a closer look of the car I made that is standing in the garage.. Based on a Nissan Silvia S13!


Tricked out:

Don’t mind the WIP title on the bottom, it’s where this whole thing originated from!


Garage Update #2

Been working on the garage a bit more, got a temp floor, garage doors and airducts. Finished the lamps and added all 4 walls, and placed back the already made assets to make it somewhat filled up.

Garage update #1

I started remaking textures etc, also a new roof support has been made..
Still playing around!

Rebooting an old project!

I’m putting the Dino Crisis hallway thing aside for an old project I have sitting on my harddrive.

Where I left of when I DID work on it.

I haven’t done a whole lot to begin with, so it’s pretty much a clean start..
It is too clean right now, I want to make it more dirty, and filled with all sorts of stuff.
Tools, debree, car parts etc.

dis gon be guud boi

Crate is finished!

I finished my Scifi lookin ass crate a few days ago.. It was a fun little thing to do in between!

I think it looks crate.

And yes, I got a proper domain name again!

Something different.. a crate!

I made another crate model.
Not for the DinoCrisis scene, but as a quick practice thingy. Still gotta do the lowpoly, bake etc. So far I’m about 4 hours in.. gotta go fast!

Based from a concept from a game called ‘blink the game’

Okay bye


I made progress, progress is made!
I placed my crates in the scene, and textured some other stuff like the power boxes, piping and card reader. It’s really coming together now!