Lowpoly Car Models

Hello! I recently finished a pack with some lowpoly American Muscle Cars.
They are also for sale on the unity asset store if anybody is interested 🙂


You can download the models here! : http://u3d.as/1nLh



Been a while (again) since my last post.
Here is something new I’m working on, I decided to dive into the world of high poly rendering stuff.

So here I am, swimming around!

The body of this car is almost done, some smaller stuff is left on the list. Interior wont be super detailed, but detailed enough to make it look like a nice final product.

Some renders of the stuff so far! I’m still learning and head/tail light materials still need work 🙂


Till next update!

Sort of garage Update #3

Not really garage related, But I thought I’d share a closer look of the car I made that is standing in the garage.. Based on a Nissan Silvia S13!


Tricked out:

Don’t mind the WIP title on the bottom, it’s where this whole thing originated from!

Garage Update #2

Been working on the garage a bit more, got a temp floor, garage doors and airducts. Finished the lamps and added all 4 walls, and placed back the already made assets to make it somewhat filled up.

Garage update #1

I started remaking textures etc, also a new roof support has been made..
Still playing around!

Rebooting an old project!

I’m putting the Dino Crisis hallway thing aside for an old project I have sitting on my harddrive.

Where I left of when I DID work on it.

I haven’t done a whole lot to begin with, so it’s pretty much a clean start..
It is too clean right now, I want to make it more dirty, and filled with all sorts of stuff.
Tools, debree, car parts etc.

dis gon be guud boi

Crate is finished!

I finished my Scifi lookin ass crate a few days ago.. It was a fun little thing to do in between!

I think it looks crate.

And yes, I got a proper domain name again!

Something different.. a crate!

I made another crate model.
Not for the DinoCrisis scene, but as a quick practice thingy. Still gotta do the lowpoly, bake etc. So far I’m about 4 hours in.. gotta go fast!

Based from a concept from a game called ‘blink the game’

Okay bye


I made progress, progress is made!
I placed my crates in the scene, and textured some other stuff like the power boxes, piping and card reader. It’s really coming together now!

Textured Crate

Got bored a bit of modeling for now, so I’m starting the textures!
So far I got the crate, yes the crate.