Toyota Corolla KE70 Look-a-Like

Hello! Recently I have finished this 3d model of a wanna be Toyota Corolla KE70 called the Tomota Brorolla.
I created it for a personal project, I made it with several different body parts, wheels etc. Just like they did in Need for speed Underground!

Everything has been taken to an as low as possible polycount to save on time for other car models I am planning to create 🙂 Every bodypart has been baked on a shared AO map, and bodylines are created with a simple normalmap to give the panels some sort of depth feel.

Thanks for looking once again 🙂


Hello! Recently I have been modeling some furniture!

Sofa scene

A while back I made this sofa for a client, I made a little livingroom scene for it to show it off in an environment 🙂


A lowpoly excavator model I recently finished, it is supposed to be used to render sprites for a mobile game.
It was a fun little project to work on 🙂